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This is “Going to University”

The aim of the site…

The aim of this site is simple – to allow students to record their impressions of applying to university, and what it is like when they get there, and to allow universities to talk about their courses, and what makes them different from other universities.

The most recent articles are listed on the right side of the page – just click one and you are in.

But also I would really like it if you could write an article of any length about anything to do with Going to University.  

The format requirements are simple.  Just write it in Word or Google Docs, and at the top write a title for the article, and below that your name.  If you want to add a description such as “Senior Lecturer in Music” or “1st year undergraduate, 2013” that’s helpful, but not essential.

Then you just send me the article as an attachment to an email, sending the email to Tony.Attwood@aisa.org and I’ll put it up for you.  The only articles that won’t be published are those which are irrelevant to the site or which look likely to the site editors to get us into legal trouble.

Who are we?

This site is run operated by Hamilton House Mailings Ltd, a company that also runs a free email news service for sixth form tutors.  If you would like to subscribe to that service simply visit http://www.schools.co.uk/subscribe.html and just put in your email address and you’ll be on the list to receive an email each week.

Other sites from the same team….

We run many web sites.  Here are just a few of them

If you want to contact us then the email above is a good place to start, or alternatively you can call 01536 399 000.

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